Here is a summary of the tools we have available to agents looking for a flexible, efficient way to offer travel services to their clients, without the burden of large fees and with the support of other agents.

Sirev Booking Engine

A shopping and booking system for travel products used by thousands of travel agents all over Canada. SIREV allows you to view on a single screen the search results of vacation packages and web fares. One of the most efficient search and booking tools in the industry allowing agents to save time and compare the destination options quickly.




Vacation.com provides enhanced commissions from preferred suppliers and free web training. They are a leading leisure travel marketing organization serving a network of more than 5,100 travel agency locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Vacation.com also provides free direct mail and email marketing to agents associated with Swan Valley Travel.



Customer Online Booking Engine

Our retail website now has online booking for clients that prefer that option. Your customers can now book their own Westjet flight or vacation package etc. even without your help. You still get commissions and your clients still can expect great service.




We are an International Air Transport Association accredited agency eligible for discounted rates at hotels for agents earning revenues over $10,000 per year.



Global Matrix

Invoice and manage your customer database via the internet from anywhere in the world! An awesome marketing and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool to boot! This is serious software used by some very large travel companies. No software installation required on your computer and we pay the fees for our host agents! Global Matrix is the largest and oldest non-GDS-affiliated data management service provider in the North American retail travel industry.



TravelPort Apollo GDS System

Agents have access to our Apollo GDS (Global Distribution System) to search, price, book, and ticket travel services provided by airlines, hotels, car rental companies, rail providers and tour operators.



Swan Valley Travel Retail Website

Our retail website is always improving and constantly improving search engine ranking. We build our own websites so we can change our content very quickly. All Swan Valley Travel agents receive their own customized email addresses and listings on our website.




Swan Valley Travel is a member of ACTA (Associaton of Canadian Travel Agencies) which can provide assurance to potential clients on our business practices.



CruisePro Booking Manager

Sort CruisePRO search results by nights, ship, cruise line, cruise title, specials, departure port and price, and then compare itineraries from multiple cruise lines in one view, so you never have to have various browser opens or call several reservation lines to close the sale.




Excellent Commissions

Show me the money! We offer very high commission rates with low annual fees...in fact, you probably won't find better. This is possible due to our low overhead and streamlined processes.



Agent Only Intranet

We have developed an intranet (internal website) for agents only with website shortcuts and relavent information to help our agents utulize their time better.



Credit Card Processing

We have a credit card processor for airline processing fees. Don't worry about high monthly fees, we got it covered. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express and our name "Swan Valley Travel" appears on the customers credit card...not a third party name which can confuse clients.




We are online savvy and have many tools in our toolbox to help you market and grow your business. We can help you negotiate with radio stations, or we can work together on creating brochures with shared costs.



Peer Agent Support

Even though this is last on the list, it's definitely not the least important. We encourage our agents to help each other become better agents to grow and nurture their client base.

     We are not a large company but we are efficient, flexible and have a surprisingly powerful basket of agency tools. This means less time wasted on booking, searching, and helping clients and more $$ dollars $$ for your time.

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